From the second edition (1989):
†throw, n.1
Forms: α. 1 þrá, þráh, 3 þraȝhe, 4 thrau(e, 4–5 þraw(e, 4–6 thraw; 4 trau, trawe, (5 drawe). β. 3 þroȝe, 3–5 þrowe, 3–6 throwe, 5–6 throw; 5 trowe. γ. 5 threwe. [OE. þrá, þráh fem. a (point or space of) time, a season. Not found in the cognate langs.; if in OTeut., its form would naturally be *þraiā, Goth. *þráiga.]

1. The time at which anything happens; an occasion. many a throw, many a time, often.
Like minute, instant, often used in advb. phrases with preposition omitted, as that throw, this throw, any throw, the same throw.

Beowulf 2884 Ferendra to lyt þrong ymbe þeoden þa hyne sio þra becwom. c888 K. Ælfred Boeth. xxxvii. §1 Onwæcnað sio wode þra þære wrænnesse. 971 Blickl. Hom. 117 Nis þæt eower‥þæt e witan þa þrae & þa tide. a1250 Owl & Night. 478 Blisse myd heom sume þrowe. Ibid. 1455, I singe myd heom one þrowe [v.r. þroȝe]. 1390 Gower Conf. III. 36 This riche man the same throwe With soudein deth was overthrowe. 14‥ Hoccleve Compl. Virgin 73 O thynke how many a throwe Thow in myn armes lay. c1440 Lovelich Merlin 9949 Ȝoure Ryng to taken me jn this threwe, To ȝoure cosin le-ownces that j myhte it schewe. c1460 Towneley Myst. xx. 380 Peter, thou shall thryse apon a thraw fforsake me, or the cok craw. 1513 Douglas Æneis x. xiii. 53 The casting dart‥Smate worthy Anthores the ilk thraw.

2. A space of time; a while; in later use always, a brief while, an instant, a moment.

a1000 Cædmon's Gen. 1426 (Gr.) Þær se hala bad sunu Lameches soðra ehata lange þrae. a1000 Juliana 464 (Gr.) Is þeos þra ful strong,‥ic sceal þinga ehwylc þolian. c1175 Lamb. Hom. 33 Nis nawiht þeos weorld; al heo aȝeð on ane alpi þraȝe. c1200 Ormin 3475 Wass mikell weȝȝe till þatt land‥& forrþi wass hemm ned to don God þraȝhe to þatt weȝȝe. c1205 Lay. 640 He tah hine aȝein ane þrowe. a1300 Cursor M. 3281 (Cott.) Had he noght rested bot a thrau [v.rr. þraw, þrowe]. 1375 Barbour Bruce vii. 34 He‥said eftir a litill thraw, Þat he suld wenge in hy thar blude. c1386 Chaucer Man of Law's T. 855 Now lat vs stynte of Custance but a throwe [v.r. trowe]. 1423 Jas. I Kingis Quair xlv, Quhen I a lytill thrawe had maid my moon. c1440 Promp. Parv. 493/1 Throwe, a lytyl wyle, momentum. c1570 Pride & Lowl. (1841) 64 They were defaced in a throw. 1590 Spenser F.Q. iii. iv. 53 Downe himselfe he layd Upon the grassy ground to sleepe a throw.

b. be throwes, by turns, time about. rare.

1390 Gower Conf. I. 55 After that cause and nede it ladde, Be throwes ech of hem it hadde.