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† opitulate, v.

Origin: A borrowing from Latin. Etymons: Latin opitulāt-, opitulārī.
Etymology: < classical Latin opitulāt-, past participial stem (compare -ate suffix3) of opitulārī to bring aid, to assist < opitulus   one who brings help (recorded in an 8th-cent. epitome) < op-  , ops   aid (see opulent adj.) + a second element < the base of tollere  toll v.4   (compare classical Latin opem ferre to bring aid).

  transitive. To help, assist, aid.

1582   R. Mulcaster 1st Pt. Elementarie xxv   Opitulate.
1598   A. M. tr. J. Guillemeau Frenche Chirurg. *iiij   A Manuall for my selfe, to opitulate & addresse my memorye.
1599   A. M. tr. O. Gaebelkhover Bk. Physicke 29/2   Administer to him of this water, for it opitulateth the perloquutione exceedingelye.

1582—1599(Hide quotations)


This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, June 2004).