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perduellion, n.

Forms:  15 perduellioun, 16– perduellion. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: A borrowing from Latin. Etymons: Latin perduelliōn-, perduelliō.
Etymology: < classical Latin perduelliōn-, perduelliō treason < perduellis  perduell n.   + -iō  -ion suffix1. Compare Italian perduellione (a1556).
Roman Law and Sc. Law. Now hist.

  High treason.

1533   J. Bellenden tr. Livy Hist. Rome (1901) I. 60   This law of perduellioun was of maist horribil cryme.
1667   in W. G. Scott-Moncrieff Rec. Proc. Justiciary Court Edinb. (1905) I. 193   Secundum jus commune which knows no other treason but perduellion and lese-majestie such as rising in feir of weir against the King.
1693   Apol. Clergy Scotl. 61   On the 13th of October 1582, the Assembly of the Church at Edenburg, did by an Act approve of that perduellion [sc. the Capture of the King].
1704   D. Lindsay Tryal & Condemnation David Lindsay 7   All Crimes of Perduellion, Rebellion, Treason, concealing of Treason, [etc.].
1774   S. Hallifax Anal. Rom. Law (1795) 130   The punishment of Perduellion was 1. Ultimum Supplicium, or Natural Death of the Criminal.
1818   Scott Heart of Mid-Lothian xi, in Tales of my Landlord 2nd Ser. I. 309   I am of opinion..that this rising..to take away the life of a reprieved man, will prove little better than perduellion.
1897   A. Drucker tr. R. von Ihering Evol. of Aryan ii. 53   In the oldest execution upon record, in the Perduellion suit of Horatius, the execution contemplated was by flogging.
1990   D. M. Walker Legal Hist. of Scotl. II. 531   Mackenzie..distinguished perduellion, or high treason, or a rising in arms against the King.

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