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throwed, adj.

Brit. /θrəʊd/
U.S. /θroʊd/
Forms:  16 throw'd, 17– throwed (now apparently rare and chiefly U.S.), 19– th'owed (rare and U.S. regional). (Show Less)
Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: throw v.1, -ed suffix1
Etymology: < throw v.1 + -ed suffix1.
Compare the weak past participle forms (Forms 3bα. ) at throw v.1  
Compare earlier thrown adj.

1. Designating silk thread or yarn made by ‘throwing’ or twisting together filaments or threads of silk; = thrown adj. 1b. Obsolete. rare.

1669   J. Ogilby tr. J. Nieuhof Embassy E.-India Company 97   The yearly Revenue of the Province..Fifty four thousand nine hundred and nineteen Rolls of throw'd Silk [Du. gesponnen Zijde].
1728   E. Chambers Cycl. at Silk   Throwed or Twisted Silks are such, as, beside their Spinning and Winding, have had their Milling or Throwing... Properly, however, Throwed Silks, are those wherein the Threads are pretty thick throwed, and are twisted several times.
1805   J. T. H. Des Carrières Chambaud's Nouveau Dict. (rev. ed.) II. (at Throw)   Throwed silk.., Soie organsinée.

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 2. colloq. or nonstandard. That has been thrown (in various senses of throw v.1 III.); = thrown adj. 3.Also (and earliest) with following adverbs, forming adjectives corresponding to adverbial combinations of the verb (see throw v.1 Phrasal verbs).

1861   H. M. G. Smythies Daily Governess I. xiii. 113   He was a selfish brute, and she a throwed-away angel.
1866   M. Reid Headless Horseman lxxvii. 325   Thur's the impreshun o' the throwed rider.
1915   Country Gentleman 25 Sept. 1485/3   In the South we have a national disgrace called ‘throwed-out land’.
1919   Youth's Compan. 5 June 308/4   Andy..never had the sense to know when he was beat. He would never stay throwed.
1995   Midwest Living Apr. 185/1   Fun family restaurant and home of ‘throwed rolls’ (for laughs, owner Norm Lambert tosses warm dinner rolls around the cafe to customers).

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, September 2018).