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throw-off, n.

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Origin: Formed within English, by conversion. Etymon: to throw off at throw v.1 Phrasal verbs.

 1. An act of throwing off something or someone (in various senses of to throw off at throw v.1 Phrasal verbs). Also: that which has been thrown off.

1836   Bell's Weekly Messenger 23 Oct. 683/3   If it be the hasty throw off of some man of talent, its reception will assure him that the ‘throw-off’ tribe of dramas will not be tolerated any longer.
1864   Good Words 5 104/2   These millions, these atoms of life—they are a free throw off from the Creative Beneficence.
1953   Brownwood (Texas) Bull. 11 Sept.   A heavy throw-off of pecans has been observed..the shedding being attributed to the pecan casebearer which annually takes a heavy toll on the crop.
1965   Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland) 24 Apr.   If you breed a good dog with a mongrel, their throw-offs can be crippled.
2013   P. N. Malae Our Frail Blood 313   This available service seems like a throw-off of some kind.

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2. An act of starting off or setting off; esp. (Hunting) the unleashing of the hounds to begin the chase. Obsolete.

1828   J. Franklin Narr. Second Exped. Shores of Polar Seas ii. 60   The throw off of the dog-sledges for the season never fails to attract general attraction... They set off at full speed, and were soon out of sight.
1839   J. Paget Hungary & Transylvania I. ix. 284   The smart English grooms, top-boots, and scarlet coats, which are exhibited at a throw-off in the neighbourhood of Pest.
1864   Webster's Amer. Dict. Eng. Lang.   Throw-off, a start in a hunt or race.
1891   Melbourne Punch 4 June 377/2   I received an invitation to see the throw off of the Ballarat hounds in the afternoon.
1923   Times 7 Nov. 18/1 (caption)    The Master of the Belvoir..and hounds waiting for the ‘throw-off’.

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 3. A mechanism by which some part of a mechanism is disconnected, or its action suspended. Cf. throw-out n. 1b.

1852   Jrnl. Franklin Inst. Oct. 281   This press..has a ‘throw-off’ so constructed as to throw off the impression at the last moment before actually giving the pressure.
1886   J. M. Caulfeild Seamanship Notes 3   Parts of the Capstan,..bar pins, throw off, spindle,..entablature.
1954   U.S. Patent 2,675,109 6   In a power-operated typewriter having a series of actuators, a power roller for imparting a power stroke to the actuators, and a throw-off device engageable by the actuators to terminate the power stroke.
2004   Mod. Drummer June 29/1   The drums are also equipped with Trick Percussion's new GS007 snare throw-off. This is a unique design that features a smooth, rotational action rather than a drop-away lever to raise and lower the snares.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, September 2018).

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