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boogie, v.

Brit. /ˈbuːɡi/
U.S. /ˈbʊɡi/
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by conversion. Etymon: boogie n.3
 I. Senses relating to music, dancing, and parties.

 1. intransitive. U.S. Originally (in African-American usage): to engage in drinking, revelry, etc.; to drink alcohol, esp. at a party (cf. boogie n.3 1). Later more generally (influenced by sense 3): to enjoy oneself, to have a good time; to ‘party’.

1929   W. Ezell Pitchin’ Boogie (transcribed from song)    I swear to God she can boogie too mean.
1930   L. Bogan Alley Boogie (transcribed from song)    It's the only thing I do to drown [or perhaps drive] away my blues; I boogie all night, all the night before, When I woke up this morning I want to boogie some more.
1977   Rolling Stone 22 Sept. 14   He was really straight and just startin' to come out and boogie.
1997   G. Pelecanos King Suckerman (1998) 32   Needs to get down a little. Boogie.

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 2. transitive. orig. U.S. With away. To dismiss or banish (troubles or cares) by dancing or by engaging in drinking, revelry, etc. Now usually: to pass or spend (a period of time) in this manner, esp. in to boogie the night away .

1942   L. Hart Gateway of Temple of Minerva in D. Hart & R. Kimball Compl. Lyrics L. Hart (1986) 282/3   She sits on a throne In a joint of her own And boogies her troubles and cares away.
1978   Daily Mirror 12 Jan. 1/2   Night after night she flirts and boogies the hours away.
1990   P. Magubane et al. Soweto Portrait of City vi. 109   After a long day's work people seek out their own..to boogie away life's frustrations in the shebeens.
2010   Ottawa Citizen (Nexis) 17 May c4   Some 400 discomaniacs boogied the night away in support of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

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 3. intransitive. orig. U.S.

 a. To dance, esp. to strongly rhythmical popular music, as swing, jazz, disco, rock, etc. Cf. boogie n.3 3.

1944   D. Burley Orig. Handbk. Harlem Jive 36   Now, Homey, forget your mama, forget your papa too; And ‘boogie’ with real feeling ‘in a room where lights are blue’.
1947   L. V. Berrey & M. Van den Bark Amer. Thes. Slang Suppl. 8   Teen Talk and Jive Jargon... Dance, crack an ankle, crawl, give the dogs a workout... Spec. boog, boogie, jive, jump,..to ‘cut a rug’.
1955   W. de C. Broonzy & Y. Bruynoghe Big Bill Blues 30   Oh let's boogie, children, because Joe Turner's sure good to us.
1974   Time 24 June 83   They are up on the seats boogieing and running around the hall.
1985   S. Booth True Adventures Rolling Stones xvi. 150   There was no feeling of violence, only the desire to get close and boogie.
2012   Time Out N.Y. 17 May 26/1   You and some party-starting drag queens boogie on the dance floor.

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 b. With following adverb or adverbial phrase, as to boogie on down .

1975   Jet 7 Aug. 62   The Fatback Band: Here are the six people you need to boogie on down into the night.
1989   C. S. Murray Crosstown Traffic ii. 36   The guitar completed him, gave him the confidence and strength to rock out, boogie down and show off.
1999   Linedancer Jan. 43/1   It was our turn to ‘boogie on down’ until the early hours once again.
2016   Advertiser (Austral.) (Nexis) 15 Feb. 30   You can boogie away to all the memorable tunes of the '60s, '70s and '80s.

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 II. To go, hurry, leave.

 4. intransitive. orig. U.S. To move or go, esp. in a hurry; to escape. Frequently with down, on, out. Cf. bug v.3 1. Also fig.In later use sometimes influenced by sense 3.

1940   Pittsburgh Courier 3 Feb. 7/1   We will boogie on down to our king's row hideaway.
1970   J. Rubin Do It vii. 37   If you were lonely you could always boogie on down to the Vietnam Day Committee house and find somebody to talk to.
1983   Pure-bred Dogs, Amer. Kennel Gaz. Feb. 113/3   [The dog]..had boogied out of the pound and was on the lam.
1993   J. Wambaugh Finnegan's Week i. 14   Nothing worked, the killer had boogied.
2002   P. Vincent Baby Catcher (2003) iv. 129   Jill and Colin both boogied into the world before their due dates.
2014   Cambr. Evening News (Nexis) 3 June   Locals boogied down to the centre on the High Street on Saturday to enjoy 70s music, food, drinks and sweets.

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