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bumiputra, n. and adj.

Inflections:   Plural bumiputras, unchanged.
Forms:  19– bumiputera, 19– bumiputra. Also with capital initial.(Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: A borrowing from Malay. Etymon: Malay bumiputera.
Etymology: < Malay bumiputera an indigenous person (a1908 or earlier) < bumi   land, earth, soil ( < Sanskrit bhūmi  : see Bhumihar n.) + putera   son, prince ( < Sanskrit putra  : see Rajput n.).
 A. n.

  A Malaysian of indigenous Malay origin. Chiefly in plural.

1966   Economist 22 Oct. 398/3   Malayan Banking..as a Malay rather than Chinese concern, is particularly identified with the bumiputras, the Malayan sons of the soil.
1972   Sunday Times (Singapore) 24 Sept. 6/3   In the Faculty of Engineering, bumiputras now formed 7.3 per cent of the total enrolment.
1987   H. L. Lee Central Banking in Malaysia vii. §4. 306   The manner in which the credit is utilized is of little importance—it can be anything so long as the borrower is a Bumiputra.
2005   Believer Dec. 43/2   The redistribution of wealth—via quotas and subsidies—from non-Malays to the bumiputra.

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 B. adj.

  Of, belonging to, or relating to the bumiputras; indigenous Malay.

1972   Sunday Times (Kuala Lumpur) 25 June 4/5   The Government was today urged to make it a policy of allocating 50 per cent of its supply contracts and those of its agencies to bumiputra firms.
1980   Times 2 Sept. 15/5   Other plantation groups have moved to restructure their equity to raise Bumiputra shareholdings (i.e. those held by Malays and other native races).
2015   J. Chin in W. Case Routledge Handbk. Southeast Asian Democratization iv. xxv. 403   Special business licences and loans were only made available to Bumiputera businesses.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, September 2018).

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