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jabroni, n.


α. 19 giboney, 19 jibboney, 19 shaboney, 19– gibone, 19– jaboney, 19– jabonie, 19– jibone, 19– jiboney.

β. 19 jadroney, 19– gebroni, 19– gibroney, 19– gibroni, 19– jabronee, 19– jabroney, 19– jabroni, 19– jebronie, 19– jobroni.

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Frequency (in current use): 
Etymology: Origin uncertain. Perhaps < Italian regional (Milan) giambone ham (19th cent.); with the assumed semantic development compare ham n.1 5.
In later specific use in wrestling, the β. forms   are perhaps reinforced by association with jobber in similar use.
U.S. slang and colloquial (derogatory, often used mockingly).

  A stupid, objectionable, or ridiculous man; a loser, a knuckle-head.In Italian-American contexts often applied to newly arrived immigrants.In recent use also applied spec. to a professional wrestler who deliberately or habitually loses (cf. quots. 1997, 2000).

1919   Variety 27 June 21/4   It seems their [sic] on the make this night and they ride up and down on the subway without seein' a prospect, nothin' but a lot of Jiboney's goin' to work.
1943   Cumberland (Maryland) Evening Times 11 Mar. 17/1   Mr. Lambertson is the hawk jaboney who has assumed a public career of knocking the..naval records of the sons of the President.
1976   R. Price Bloodbrothers xxi. 193   Vinny, you're a real jibone, you know that?
1977   E. Torres Q & A xii. 122   You, you fucking jadroney. One more word out of you and I'm bringing you in.
1990   Village Voice (N.Y.) 18 Sept. 44/3   At nine in the morning, you'd have these two gibones walking in to give themselves up.
1997   [SSW] Jabroni World Order?!? in rec.sport.pro-wrestling (Usenet newsgroup) 25 Mar.   Southern States Wrestling returned to Fall Branch, TN on Friday, March 21st. The show was highlighted by the debut of the JWO..the Jabroni World Order.
2000   Mail on Sunday (Nexis) 16 Apr. 28   The wrestlers' witty epithets are translated into nine languages (the Danes are still having a little trouble with the Rock's phrase ‘You candyass Jabroni!’).
2017   Greeley (Colorado) Tribune (Nexis) 23 Feb.   Why do players..on this season's roster have to pay the price for the stupidity of the past staff that turned out to be a collection of buffoons and jabronis?

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