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butters, adj.

Forms:  20– butters, 20– butterz. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Of uncertain origin. Perhaps formed within English, by clipping or shortening. Etymons: butt-ugly adj. at butt n.6 Compounds 2; butterface n.
Etymology: Origin uncertain. Perhaps shortened < butt-ugly adj. at butt n.6 Compounds 2 (perhaps compare -ers suffix);
or perhaps shortened < butterface n. (perhaps compare -s suffix2).
Brit. slang (derogatory).

  Of a person: ugly, unattractive. In later use also of a thing: unappealing, disgusting, horrible, etc.

2003   R. Williams Fallout 25   Joe My partner? Ronnie No! My man's butters. The oder one. Fit one who wear uniform.
2005   S. Elmes Talking for Brit. iii. 62   Jessica..uses many of the new national vernacular terms: ‘butters’ and ‘minging’ for bad or ugly, a ‘dog’ for an unattractive woman.
2007   Observer Mag. 1 Apr. 5/1   She and her friends agreed that Wills was ‘butters’. (What's butters? ‘Hideous.’).
2010   Evening Standard (Nexis) 21 Dec.   All the girls think your [sic] butterz.
2017   @byreecehodgson 19 Apr. in twitter.com (O.E.D. Archive)    Butters shoes man.

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