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eeny-weeny, adj.

Forms:  18– eeny-weeny, 19– eeney-weeney, 19– eenie-weenie, 19– eenie-weinie. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: A variant or alteration of another lexical item. Etymon: teeny-weeny adj.
Etymology: Variant (with loss of the initial consonant) of teeny-weeny adj.
Compare eensy-weensy adj.
Compare the following earlier example of teeny eeny weeny:
1879   A. G. Griffiths Wayward Woman v. 124   My beautiful beauty, my love, my teeny eeny weeny doggie.

  Extremely small; tiny, minuscule, miniature. Also figurative: minor, insignificant.

1894   Narka (Kansas) News 7 Sept.   He [sc. a pet fox] was an eeny weeny cunning little red darling.
1904   Charities 3 Sept. 916/1   If I should shut the door so there would be just an eeny weeny little crack—would He see me then?
1938   Mail (Adelaide) 11 June 31/6   I used a little eeny weeny bit, just a teeny flick of wax.
1999   D. Mitchell Ghostwritten 244   One last eeny-weeny thing, Miss Latunsky.

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