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Goldwaterite, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: From a proper name, combined with an English element. Etymons: proper name Goldwater  , -ite suffix1
Etymology: < the name of Barry Morris Goldwater (see Goldwaterism n.) + -ite suffix1, after Goldwaterism n.
U.S. Politics. Now hist.

  A supporter or advocate of Barry Goldwater (see Goldwaterism n.) or his policies or principles.

1963   Washington Post 3 Aug. d11/5   Probably the cheering GOP delegates didn't realize how radical a doctrine Nixon expounded. Certainly the Goldwaterites would have been horrified if they had understood.
1964   Listener 25 June 1018/1   He..tried in public to belittle the difference between the moderates and the Goldwaterites.
2014   Washington Post (Nexis) 18 Apr. a15   Goldwaterites accused the Republican establishment of ‘me-tooism’ and advocating a ‘dime store New Deal’.

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This entry has been updated (OED Third Edition, December 2018).