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downconversion, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: down- prefix, conversion n.

 a. Electronics. The action or process of converting a signal to one of a lower frequency.

1956   Proc. IRE 44 1183/1   Conversion from a high frequency to a low frequency will be called ‘down-conversion’.
1984   IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory & Techniques 32 1100/2   He discovered that gain could be obtained in down-conversion from a microwave frequency to a much lower frequency.
2018   G. Ghione & M. Pirola Microwave Electronics i. 12   After downconversion, no aliasing arises because the spectral content of the image is the same as that of the desired signal.

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 b. The action or process of converting a high definition video signal to standard definition.

1980   SMPTE Jrnl. 89 154/3   This information be coded in the release print or tape to guide the down-conversion process automatically.
2006   HWM May 8/1   The new Viera plasma TVs have a full 1080p Digital Processing chipset that processes full-HD video signals in their original condition, without down-conversion.

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 2. The conversion of a single photon into a pair of photons, each having less energy and momentum than the original.More fully parametric downconversion, spontaneous downconversion, spontaneous parametric downconversion.Downconversion is accomplished by passing a laser beam through a certain type of crystal.In quot. 1965, referring to bosons more generally.

1965   IEEE Jrnl. Quantum Electronics 1 35/1   In the down-conversion process we ‘split’ a pump boson into an idler..and a signal boson.
1986   Physical Rev. Lett. 56 58 (abstract)    In the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion a signal and an idler photon are created simultaneously.
1995   Appl. Physics B. 60 267/2   Orthogonally polarized signal and idler photons produced by downconversion in a nonlinear crystal are sent in opposite directions through the beam splitter.
2015   A. Furusawa Quantum States of Light ii. 81   A photon pair created by parametric downconversion can be divided into two photons in different paths.

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