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downconvert, v.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: down- prefix, convert v.
 1. transitive.

 a. Electronics. To convert (a signal) to a lower frequency.

1959   Proc. IRE 47 42/2   The signal and lower sideband were both down-converted by a second S-band local oscillator.
1989   Jrnl. Magn. Resonance 84 433   Circuitry was constructed to down-convert the RF pulses from 1.7 MHz to 425 kHz.
2018   V. In & A. Palacios Symmetry in Complex Network Syst. v. 198   The second array downconverts the output of the first array.

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 b. To convert (a high definition video signal) to standard definition. Also intransitive.

1986   Billboard 23 Aug. 46/1   Northern Light is hoping that once ‘Chasing Rainbows’ is down-converted and aired on normal domestic TV, the signal will still be four to five times clearer than a standard NTSC television image.
2003   Pop. Sci. Dec. 78/3   The camera can accommodate a variety of playback equipment, downconverting to 480i mode for standard home analog equipment.
2005   Pop. Sci. Aug. 22/2   The Samsung SP-H800BE.., Hitachi PJTX100 and Toshiba TDP-MT800 will down-convert incoming 1080p material to 720p.
2016   D. Weynard & V. Piccin How Video Works (ed. 3) xiii. 168   Some HD VCRs are even equipped to downconvert a signal internally.

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 2. intransitive. In quantum physics (of a photon): to be converted into two photons via downconversion (downconversion n. 2). Also transitive.

1980   D. G. Blair in C. Edwards Gravitational Radiation, Collapsed Objects & Exact Solutions 314   The lower sideband is generated by events as shown in Figure 4b where incoming pump photons down-convert.
1994   Physical Rev. A. 49 3211/2 (caption)    An ultraviolet pump photon may be spontaneously down-converted in either of two nonlinear crystals.
2012   Optics Lett. 37 3730/2   The antisymmetric..pump will now downconvert to signal and idler photons with opposite parity.

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  downconˈverted adj.

1965   E. Gehrels Rev. Long-Range Earth Strain Measurem. Techniques (MIT Lincoln Lab. Techn. Note: No. 1965-62) 3   The phase of this down-converted signal is the same..as the phase that would have been received had it been possible to re-transmit from B the same frequency as received from A.
1990   Physical Rev. A. 42 567/2   The down-converted signal and idler photons..have a large frequency spread.
2012   P. J. Cianci High Definition Television v. 111   A downconverted signal was distributed over the Capitol's cable system, enabling those on the Hill to witness the event.

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  downconˈverting   n.

1962   IRE Trans. Microwave Theory & Techniques 10 394/1   The reverse procedure of down-converting is not practical because the power gain is always less than unity.
1980   IEE Proc. H. 112 (abstract)    There are many techniques for synthesising microwave frequencies, including up-converting by multiplication, sampling, down-converting and comparing to a low-frequency reference.
2010   D. Draven Filmmaker's Bk. of Dead xvi. 252   Downconverting is a postproduction process of taking higher resolution source material..and converting to lower resolution source material.

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