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downcutting, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: down- prefix, cutting n.
Etymology: < down- prefix + cutting n.
Compare later downcut v.

  A process of erosion, esp. by flowing water, in which a stream bed, valley floor, etc., is lowered by removal of overlying material; downward erosion.

1873   Q. Jrnl. Geol. Soc. 29 458   In parts where the valley is narrowed there may be no remains of the old alluvium, all having been denuded on the last down-cutting of the river-bed.
1952   P. Lake Physical Geogr. (ed. 3) iii. x. 356   A thin one [sc. glacier]..may do relatively little down-cutting but a fair amount of valley widening by freeze-thaw and removal.
1984   J. J. Lowe & M. J. C. Walker Reconstructing Quaternary Environments ii. 67   Terraces..may represent the upper level of aggradation before subsequent downcutting i.e. the surfaces of former floodplains.
2015   Arctic 68 465/1   Apart from downcutting of the tidal flats, erosional retreat of the coast is not a serious concern in Iqaluit.

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