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downcrying, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: down- prefix, crying n.

  With of. The action of disparaging, decrying, or belittling a person or thing; an instance of this.

1575   Act & Proclam. anent Vniuersall Course New Markit Money (single sheet)    The lait douncrying of the money callit the Hardheidis.
a1665   T. Hall Plain & Easy Explic. Assemblies Shorter Catech. (1697) 167   Undue upcrying of some [Ministers], and downcrying of others.
1843   Examiner 28 Oct. 675/3   Courage and malice sufficient to dare the down-crying of the Clontarf meeting.
1926   Irish Times 3 Mar. 7/1   Unpatriotic down-crying of the thoroughly strong, sound financial position of Great Britain.
1978   Philos. & Lit. Spring 60   Utilitarians.., in their gross worship of fact and downcrying of fancy, stifle much in human beings that is essential to their flourishing.
2003   Austral. Financial Rev. (Nexis) 8 Dec. (Late ed.) (Educ. section) 30   The Australian government's downcrying of the United Nations human rights treaty system.

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