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down cycle, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: down adv., cycle n.1

  A cycle of events, or part of a cycle, characterized by decline, deterioration, or contraction.Originally and chiefly with reference to economic and business cycles; cf. economic cycle n. at economic n. and adj. Special uses.

1894   Milwaukee Sentinel 16 Jan. 4/4   He says the country is in the down cycle of trade and prices.
1922   Amer. Cutler Aug. 35/1   Business goes in cycles, and we are in the down cycle.
1975   Irish Times 15 Apr. 14/7   All the evidence of the wool textile downcycle is in the..half year figures... There was a net loss of £13,500.
1990   Field Jan. 37/3   The pundits were quick to tell us that salmon runs go in cycles; that spring salmon are presently in a down-cycle and that autumn salmon are in the ascendancy.
2017   H. S. Dent & A. Pancholi Zero Hour 108   The 1942–68 boom cycle saw real growth at 33 percent higher than the down cycle that followed.

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