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golden-crowned, adj.

Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: golden adj., crowned adj.
Etymology: < golden adj. + crowned adj.
Compare golden-crested adj.   Compare also earlier gold-crested adj.

  In the names of birds and mammals: having yellowish feathers or fur on the crown of the head.Recorded earliest in golden-crowned wren.golden-crowned accentor: see accentor n. 2b.

1678   J. Ray tr. F. Willughby Ornithol. 227   The golden-crown'd Wren: Regulus cristatus.
1758   G. Edwards Gleanings Nat. Hist. I. xxv. 50 (heading)    The Golden-crowned Parrakeet.
1869   Atlantic Monthly May 589   The other two species are the well-known golden-crowned thrush (Sciurus aurocapillus) or wood-wagtail, and the Northern, or small, water-thrush.
1916   Condor 18 4   At Prince William's Sound were seen the White-headed Eagle.., the Hummingbird, and a small land bird evidently the Golden-crowned Sparrow.
1955   R. T. Peterson & J. Fisher Wild Amer. i. 11   In the same little wood we picked up the tiny golden-crowned kinglet, so like the Old World goldcrest, indeed somewhere between our goldcrest and firecrest.
2018   Business Mirror (Philippines) (Nexis) 29 Apr.   The proposal..will help protect and conserve at least three species of flying foxes—the endemic and endangered golden-crowned flying fox, the island flying fox and the giant flying fox.

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  golden-crowned wren   n. either of two kinglets with a bright yellow crest: (originally) the goldcrest, Regulus regulus (Obsolete); (in later use) the similar golden-crowned kinglet, R. satrapa, of North America.

1678   J. Ray tr. F. Willughby Ornithol. 227   The golden-crown'd Wren: Regulus cristatus.
1789   G. White Let. in Nat. Hist. Selborne 105   The feeble little golden-crowned wren, that shadow of a bird, braves our severest frosts.
1864   Proc. Nat. Hist. Soc. Montreal 50/1 (list)    Regulus Satrapa, Licht. Golden-crowned Wren.
1990   Pennsylvania Birds Jan. 4/1   Those crowns have led to such nicknames as ‘flame-crest’, ‘gold-crest’, ‘fiery-colored wren’ and ‘golden-crowned wren,’.

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