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haslet, n.


α. ME hastelet, ME hastelette, ME hastlette, ME hastolette, ME–16 hasselet, ME–17 19– hastlet, 15 haselet, 15 hasilet, 15 haslette, 15– haslet, 16 haslett, 18 hauslet (Scottish); English regional (chiefly midlands and Kent) 18 'aslet, 18 acelot (Kent), 18 aslat, 18 azlit, 18 haslit, 18 hasslet, 18– acelet, 18– aislet (Kent), 19 hastelet (Suffolk), 19– haaslet, 19– haislet.

β. 15– harslet, 16 harselet, 16 harsnet, 17–18 harcelet (English regional (midlands and Kent)), 18 arslet (English regional (Kent)).

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Origin: A borrowing from French. Etymon: French hastelet.
Etymology: < Anglo-Norman hastilet and Middle French hastelet piece of meat to be roasted, piece of roasted meat (14th cent. or earlier; French regional (Normandy) hâtelet  ) < haste   roasting spit, piece of roasted meat (see hastery n.) + -let  -let suffix.
Compare post-classical Latin hastilettum (1309 in a British source).
In the β. forms   probably by analogy with the variation shown by words affected by assimilatory loss of r   before s   (see E. J. Dobson Eng. Pronunc. 1500–1700 (ed. 2, 1968) II. §401(c)); compare barse n.   and bass n.1, β. forms at scarce adj. and adv., or similar forms of harsh adj.

 1. A piece of meat for roasting or broiling on a spit; esp. any part of the edible internal organs of a pig. Later also: the heart, liver, or other viscera of an animal used for food, regarded collectively.In early use also with reference to an imitation haslet made of fruit (see quots. a1425 at α. , a1475 at α. ).

c1400  (?c1390)    Sir Gawain & Green Knight (1940) l. 1612   He britneȝ out þe brawen in bryȝt brode scheldeȝ, & hatȝ out þe hastletteȝ.
a1425  (a1399)    Forme of Cury 195 in C. B. Hieatt & S. Butler Curye on Inglysch (1985) 142   Hastletes of fruyt. Take fyges iquarterid, raysouns hool, dates and almaundes hoole, and ryne hem on a spyt and roost hem; and endore hem as pomme dorryes.
c1450  (?a1370)    Wynnere & Wastoure (1990) l. 492   The herouns, þe hasteleteȝ þe henne wele [to] serue þe pertrikes, þe plouers þe oþer pulled byrddes.
c1450   in T. Austin Two 15th-cent. Cookery-bks. (1888) 106   Take a Turbut, and kut of þe vynnes in maner of a hastelette, and broche him on a rounde broche, and roste him.
a1475   Liber Cocorum (Sloane) (1862) 37 (MED)   Hasteletes on fysshe day. Take fyggus quartle, and raysyns, þo Hole dates, almondes, rine hom also On broche of irne, and rost hom sone.
a1500   Sir Degrevant (Cambr.) (1949) l. 1415   Hastelettus in galantyne.
1530   J. Palsgrave Lesclarcissement 229/2   Haselet of a hogge, haste menve.
1599   J. Minsheu Percyvall's Dict. Spanish & Eng. 177/2   Obispíllo de puérco, a haggas, a hogs haslet, a chitterling.
1615   G. Markham Country Contentm. ii. ii. 54   Compound roaste-meates, as Oliues of Veale, Haslets.
1653   H. Cogan tr. F. M. Pinto Voy. & Adventures xxx. 121   Concerning hogs..some..sell nothing but the chitterlings, the sweet-breads, the blood, and the haslets.
1747   H. Glasse Art of Cookery xxi. 160   A Hog..the Haslet, which is Liver and Crow, Kidney and Skirts.
1793   G. Washington Let. 23 Dec. in Papers (2008) Presidential Ser. XIV. 611   I believe the Insides of the Hogs—that is—the Hastlets, Guts (after the fat is stripped off) &ca is given among the other Negroes at the different places.
1811   W. Combe Schoolmaster's Tour in Poet. Mag. IV. Suppl. 277   A rich haslet at the fire, Will give you all you can desire.
1872   J. H. Frere tr. Aristophanes Frogs II. 242   Keep quiet—and watch for a chance of a piece of the haslets.
1915   Good Housek. Sept. 394/1   The ‘hastlet’ or pluck (heart, liver, and lights) of the sheep and lamb are removed at the shop.
1962   R. Stovall & R. M. Carson Favorite Recipes Amer. Home Econ. Teachers: Meats Edition 168/1   In many parts of the United States (N.J. and N.Y. specifically) it is necessary to buy a lamb haslet to get the liver. This includes liver, heart and lungs.
2000   Polish News Bull. (Nexis) 18 Jan.   The slump in sausage and canned pork exports to Russia resulted in a sharp fall in imports of pork haslets, the products' main processing component.
1585   J. Higgins tr. Junius Nomenclator 87   A haggise: some call it a chitterling: some a hogs harslet.
1638   I. Jones & W. Davenant Britannia Triumphans 17   Shee shall souce bore, fry tripes, and wild hogs harsnet.
1664   S. Pepys Diary 10 Mar. (1971) V. 79   A good hog's harslet, a piece of meat I love.
1739   ‘R. Bull’ tr. F. Dedekind Grobianus 235   A roasted Harslet on the Table stood.
1760   T. Jefferys Nat. & Civil Hist. French Dominions 24   The grey porpoise, is reckoned tolerable food. They make puddings and sausages of the guts; the harslet is said to be excellent fricasseed.
1866   C. C. Felton Greece, Anc. & Mod. I. v. 365   Poultry and meat..calf's pluck, pig's harslet and chine..finished the course.
1898   Contemp. Rev. Jan. 108   It is of little use for a teacher to be..unable to advise on the salting of pork, the cooking of a harslet, or the manufacture of a black or pork pudding.
1963   Statist. Pocket Bk. Hungary (new ed.) xi. 127   Inland consumption of harslet of pigs, cattle, calf and horse.

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 2. Ground and seasoned meat, typically pork offal, cooked and served cold in the form of meatloaf, sausage, luncheon meat, etc.; an item of food formed from this.

1907   Lincs. Echo 29 July 2/5   Breakfast consisted of coffee, haslet, and bacon.
1935   Times 26 June 17/4   The hearty saveloy..or the mighty hastlet, dear to robust feeders with good consciences?
1982   Guardian 20 July 8/4   In the butchers you can still buy haslet, black pudding, brawn, pepper and pork loaf and red marble slabs of ox liver.
1997   Lincs. Past & Present 30 17   Mix the pork, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and sage in the pancheon, with clean hands, and add enough cold water to bind it. Then make about three haslets and wrap each one in another part of the pig, the skirt (diaphragm), and place in the side oven of the kitchen range.
2013   Caterer & Hotelkeeper 15 Mar. 55/3   Alongside gastropub staples such as home-made Scotch eggs and pork scratchings, dishes such as haslet and pork terrines are increasingly appearing on menus.

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  General attributive.

1668   W. Charleton Onomasticon Zoicon 11   Apexabones, Harslet-Puddings.
1845   E. Acton Mod. Cookery (1956) xx. 399   A harslet pudding..is held in much esteem in certain counties, and..is made of the heart, liver, kidneys, &c., of a pig.
1889   Atlanta (Georgia) Constit. 4 Feb. 4/2   Who of the presidents, since that glorious democratic era, has dined on broiled hog's melt, haslet hash, collards and corn dumplings?
1930   Lincs. Echo 29 Oct. 2/4   Sausage makers—Sausage Skins 2s per bundle, Polony Skins 5d, Haslet Skins 6d.
2015   H. Fannin Hopscotch viii. 190   I wait while they wash down their haslet sandwiches with beakers of milk.

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